Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lead issues with birds of prey and wildlife

Emerging research is finding that lead from ammunition and fishing tackle is causing problems in our environment. Now, I'm very pro-hunting, and support all forms of hunting. The Peregrine Fund held a conference and issued the proceeding on lead and wildlife. ( Here is an article in the latest issue of the International Hunter Education Association Journal, which I'm a member. ( As a hunter, I want to take the targeted species, not have to worry about secondary poisoning of wildlife and scavengers. Ammunition manufacturers are seeking alternatives to lead in our ammunition projectiles and have some good alternatives for shotguns. Rifle ammunition still is being researched. The fishing industry is also seeking alternatives. Another secondary threat to our wildlife with fishing tackle is fishing line entanglements. When I got my lure stuck on an object under water, I started to cut the line. My brother told me NOT to do that, pull steadily on the fishing line and it will break or come undone at the snag, not leave a long amount of line in the water to entangle wildlife. It worked well.