Saturday, June 20, 2009

Peregrine Delisting in Florida

From Eric Edwards:


Today was a historic day for Florida Falconry, the commission voted to accept the final peregrine falcon management plan, delisting the peregrine. Spence Wise and I attended the meeting and spoke in favor of the plan and asked that the commission allow a harvest of peregrines in 2010. There were two groups that spoke in favor or the plan & delisting but oppose a harvest (Audubon of Florida & Defender's of Wildlife).

After public comment several of the commissioners made very positive comments regarding their desire for a harvest. Several stating that they personally want to see a harvest in 2010, that falconers should be "rewarded" for their efforts in the recovery of the peregrine. I feel very good about our chances for a harvest in 2010.

The next step will be the stakeholder's meeting at the end of this month. In this meeting we will work on the peregrine harvest rules. We need to work out things like how the lottery will be conducted and who will be able to apply for a permit, as well as non-resident take issues. I can assure you, I will attend this meeting to ensure the broadest liberties possible.

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